List of Tools
Tool Description
Audio Gauge An audio file size calculator
Caesar Cipher A shift substitution cipher
Vigenere Cipher A shift substitution cipher
Data Structures
Heapify An array to heap visualiser
FileToURL A file to Data URL encoder
URI Encoder A percent-encoder
ASCII An ASCII lookup table
Binary Bulbs An interactive illustration of binary number system
Bytes A binary prefix calculator
DrawBoard An interactive blackboard
UTC A UTC, EST, UNIX, and local time converter
CMYK Explorer A CMYK colour scheme explorer
ColorPick A RGBA color picker
Image Gauge An image file size calculator
GridSnap An image gridline delineator
LiveFeed A webcam viewer
RGB Explorer A RGB colour scheme explorer
BCD A binary-coded decimal converter
Factors A LCM/GCD calculator
LaTeX A TeX/LaTex typesetting renderer
Numerals A numeral base converter
Two's Complement A two's complement calculator
Subnetting An IPv4 fixed-length network subdivisor
VLSM An IPv4 arbitrary-length subdivisor
Wire A wire gauge and resistance calculator
Web Authoring
Blink An illustration of depreciated blink tag
HTMLEditor A live HTML editor